Why iHerb?


iHerb is an online company founded in 1996 in USA, and commenced by advertising the health outcomes of St. Johns Wort. At this online outlet, you can find numerous health supplements and food extracts arising from the latest in scientific research.

iHerb offers items in twelve diverse groups: Herbs, health supplements, aromatherapy, kids and babies, pets, creams & lotions, groceries, bodybuilding products, etc. In a nutshell, we can argue that iHerb is the most comprehensive online store out there to fulfill most of your daily needs!

With affordable prices and lucrative rebate offers which assist you to save your hard-earned money to a significant extent, we at Herb Singapore are proud to partner iHerb with exclusive deals to reach out to consumers here in Singapore/Malaysia!

Mission Statement: Providing the best overall value for natural products through “e-simplicity.”
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Huge Savings

iHerb has now become one of the world’s largest award-winning online retailer of branded supplements and organic products that is based in the USA. It is also one of the best low-cost providers that offer countless branded products at very affordable prices. See a small selection of products available in retail stores in Singapore for comparison.


Ensure Discount Code NUZ170 is applied during checkout.

Wide Variety

Over 35,000 Supplements, Organic Products, Skincare, Household & Petcare Products

With more than 35,000 products in their catalog, there’s something for everyone.

Quality Brands

sg-famous-productsFamous brands that are popular in Singapore/Malaysia can be purchased at low prices, such as Rainbow Light, LifeExtension, NOW Foods, Doctor’s Best, Natural Factors, MusclePharm, Garden of Life and many other premium products that are normally retailed in Singapore/Malaysia at probably DOUBLE the prices on iHerb!

Something for Everyone

Hydroxycut for weight loss, protein for bulking up, multivitamins for your pet, organic herbs and spices for that upcoming barbecue, quality glucosamine products to soothe your beloved parents’ aching joints, organic chocolate for your kids and even award-winning omega 3 supplements for your new born.

All branded, all safe, all at rock-bottom prices!

Ensure Discount Code NUZ170 is applied during checkout.

Assurance of Product Freshness with Expiry Dates

Because we have one of the highest product turnover rates in the industry, iHerb is able to offer you the FRESHEST products possible!

Our inventory turnover rate averages to 8.1 times per year; among the highest turnover rates, if not the highest, in our industry. This means that iHerb products are on the shelf an average of only 45 days!

Plus, most products we carry have expiration or best-by dates, which can be accessed on the product page. It’s like holding the real bottle or package in your hand, as you would in a typical “brick and mortar” store.

iHerb is probably the only online store that tells you when a particular product is expiring, so that you can get your money’s worth!

Extremely Reliable


Award-Winning, Google Trusted, GMP Certified Store

iHerb is one of the few online stores with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified warehouse and a Google Trust Certification because of their timely and hassle free orders. They have also won multiple #1 online supplement store awards from ConsumerLab since 2008.

Ensure Discount Code NUZ170 is applied during checkout.

Excellent Customer Service

iherb singapore stellaThe StellaService seal is the web’s most trusted mark of high-quality customer service. StellaService uses rigorous methodology to test the customer service performance of online businesses. In 2015, StellaService announced iHerb as a recipient of the StellaService Elite Seal, awarded to only a small percentage of retailers who provide the very best in customer care.

Easy Refunds

Should you encounter any problem with your order, eg. defective or missing items, iHerb will refund you the price of those items by default when you inform them of your order number. With a 24-hour online chat system, you can basically reach iHerb anytime you want!

When you use our discount code NUZ170, we take care of your order to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for you. You will have a Singapore hotline 6389-1734 (from 12pm-10pm) to call for further assistance if necessary.

Ensure Discount Code NUZ170 is applied during checkout.

Reduced Prices for Loyal Customers

The thing that easily sets iHerb apart from other online stores, both in Singapore and overseas, is that you get to shop at reduced prices when you order regularly. It is common for iHerb loyal customers to receive extra 10% discount plus FREE shipping to Singapore from USA. No need to pay extra to sign up for membership to get reduced prices which have been marked up exorbitantly. Imagine the thousands of SGD that you will save in a year if you and your family are heavy consumers of quality healthcare/skincare products!