(Updated as on 20 Jan 2017)

Why should I shop at sg.iherb.com?

iHerb is one of the biggest and most established e-retailers in the world offering more than 35,000 health supplements and body care products. The product prices are very reasonable compared to those of local health retail stores in Singapore. Repeat customers are rewarded with 5% loyalty credit which they can offset from subsequent order within 60 days.

Which retail store in Singapore will be so generous to allow you to enjoy lower prices on your next order every time? Currently FREE shipping is offered for orders exceeding SGD$90 only. Subject to change in future.

There are also frequent promotions and sales happening on the website. Discounts can range from 10% to more than 30%!


How do I make use of your product code NUZ170 to purchase products from sg.iHerb.com?

We are glad you asked this question! Simply click on the link below:

http://sg.iherb.com/?rcode=NUZ170  ….. or apply Promo Code NUZ170 during checkout.

Payment can only be done by credit card for direct order. You will be given the option to select DHL Express or SingPost. Normally SingPost is good enough as it is the cheapest option and shipping usually takes 7-10 days.

However SingPost does not do re-delivery of parcel if no one is around on the day of delivery. In this case, you will have to collect the parcel on the next working day from the nearest SingPost collection centre, which can be a post office or POP station.

(NOTE: For subsequent orders, you will be given discounts by iHerb depending on the frequency of orders. It is also possible you will get FREE shipping if you are a regular buyer!)

Our Promo Code NUZ170 entitles you to a Singapore hotline 6389-3188 (from 12pm-10pm) which you can contact us should there be any issue with your orders. 

We do not just offer you a channel to obtain quality and affordable products, but we strive to provide important and useful information on health to all our customers. Sometimes we will share life experiences and anecdotes on healthy living which we sincerely hope you will benefit too.

Do I have to pay 7% GST when I order online at sg.iherb.com?

Only if you order more than SGD$400. You will then have to pay the GST amount in cash to the delivery man. As such, we advise our customers not to exceed SGD$300 per order, to be on the safe side. If you really have to order more than SGD$400 of products, we suggest the order be broken down into smaller orders each totaling less than SGD$300.

May I know people from which countries will be able to benefit from this Promo Code NUZ170?

Our bulk of customers who have benefited from using NUZ170 can be found in: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, other Asian countries, Australia, USA & Europe. In fact NUZ170 can be used anywhere in the world where there is an efficient postal delivery system.

I am not keen to pay online as I do not want to divulge my credit card details. Is there another way to purchase from you guys here in Singapore?

Of course yes! We will buy on your behalf and have the items shipped to your address in Singapore according to your preference: SingPost, DHL or our own courier! Alternatively, you can pickup for FREE at Bedok Mall or Bedok MRT Station.

However you will not be eligible for any  discounts or promotions which can only be activated by using our Promo Code NUZ170.

Just visit sg.iHerb.com and put the items into the order cart as per normal but do not checkout. Make sure you change the currency button to SGD which is located near the top left-hand corner of your screen. Then print-screen* the cart details and email to us at herbsingapore@gmail.com, together with your name and contact number.

We will reply with our DBS/POSB or Maybank account details and you proceed to make payment. We purchase your order upon receipt of payment and update you when your order has reached Singapore.

Normal delivery time is 7-10 working days. Do take note there might be delays during festive seasons or holidays.

Whatever method you use, either online or through us, the prices you get will still be 99% cheaper than in local stores due to the low prices at sg.iHerb.com!

*How to print-screen: Press “Fn” + “Prt Sc” keys together. Open a free image software such as IrfanView and paste it onto the screen. Save the image and email it to us.

I am not a first-time customer with iHerb, so can I still use the Promo Code NUZ170?

Yes, just click on the link below to purchase products on sg.iherb.com. You can still qualify for price specials, product or time-sales discounts which are available from us!


I am based outside Singapore, so can I still order from sg.iHerb.com or request Herb Singapore to order for me?

Yes, you can order from the same website and enter the same discount code NUZ170 during order checkout to qualify for discounts. However do remember to switch the currency to your country’s currency when using credit card for payment. You should also take note of your country’s custom regulations as we do have customers who face delivery delays or problems in retrieving their products from the Customs.

If we order on your behalf, we only accept payment in SGD. So do ensure the prices on sg.iherb.com are in SGD for easy calculation. There is extra bank fee of SGD$20.00. Your order will be shipped from Singapore instead and will come with a parcel tracking number. Normally our parcels do not face any issue with local Customs. The usual shipping/handling fee is SGD$20.00. We will provide bank payment details upon request. Currently we accept orders from neighbouring countries only.

Is there a minimum order sum if you guys purchase on my behalf?

No, there is no minimum order required now. You just need to make advance payment and we will order the goods for you. However there is a handling fee of SGD$5.00 if your order is less than SGD$100.00.

Can I collect from your office as there is always no one at home during the day?

Yes, you can! Our collection point has been changed to Bedok Mall. You can also request to collect at the Bedok MRT station control.  We will contact you when the order is ready for pickup. However we offer courier delivery at SGD$6 extra per order only. We can even deliver at night time, after you are back from the office!

Why are your products so affordable as compared to those sold in retail shops in Singapore?

HERB SINGAPORE and its affiliated website sg.iHerb.com, promote our wide range of products through word-of-mouth only. We do not use print or mass media for publicity. As such, we are able to cut down on advertising costs and offer you better savings when you purchase through our website. For instance, most of our organic foods/health supplements are priced at less than half of what you’d be getting (even after taking into account express shipping from USA) in a local organic food store!

Do you stock any products in Singapore so that I do not have to wait for delivery from USA?

HERB SINGAPORE currently maintains a limited inventory of food supplements which we discover to be extremely beneficial and popular in Singapore. Such items may be made known through this website from time to time. Please see Specialty Products page for details.

Are your health products approved by Health Science Authority of Singapore?

HERB SINGAPORE strives to offer healthy products with natural ingredients free from banned substances. The mother website, ie. sg.iHerb.com, is fully integrated with our local logistics provider for import of all types of health supplements/foods. As such, ingredients banned by the local health authorities will not be able to reach Singapore. In addition, health supplements are not regulated as drugs, hence such products do not require approval from the relevant health authorities for sales in Singapore. If you have doubts on any item, please contact us for advice.


6 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Am arriving on 16th Nov and leaving singpore on 22nd Nov..Can I collect 2 bottles of Solgar MSM 1000 mg
    or in combination with any other nutrients.But I need atleast 1000 mg ofMSM IN tablet or capsule form.
    Where from I can buy this item in Singapore.
    Eagerly waiting for yr reply.
    Rafiul Karim
    18′ UN Road, Baridhara,Dhaka 1212.Bangladesh
    Phone +8801911330066,+8801713030191

    1. Hi Rafiul,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      However we do not stock the items you requested.

      iHerb Singapore.

    1. Hi Cecilia, sorry we missed your message till now.
      Yes, DHEA supplements can be sent to Singapore as long as the iHerb website can process the order.
      Feel free to contact us again. Cheers.

  2. hello..do you ship o indonesia ?and could ypu please info us how much the shipping cost to indonesia (including clearance) so we just received the package at our address (no need to hanlde te custom) .

    1. Hello Virdnya,

      Yes we usually ship direct from Singapore to Indonesia so buyers do not have to pay expensive import tax. Please send your list of products with the product codes to herbsingapore@gmail.com and we shall advise you accordingly. Terima kasih!

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