Farm Products

“From Farm to Home”

HERB SG is pleased to launch this new service to discerning customers who appreciate good quality products made in a farm in a nearby country. With a direct link to farmers, our beloved customers need not pay extra to the middleman and we are able to keep prices as low as possible!

Our partner farm is an organic farm in Thailand with an emphasis on sustainable farming methods. (NOTE: We do not deal with fresh produce as it is highly perishable. Please get your vegetables from organic farms in Singapore instead.)

We usually order every 2 weeks from the farm. However some items may be in ready stock. Call us at 6389-3188 (12pm-10pm daily except Public Holidays) to place your order. Home delivery fee is only $6.00 per order regardless of order amount. Delivery time is 1-2 weeks depending on the cut-off date.

We only accept orders of farm products by phone, not online. Bank payment details will be sent via SMS/Whatsapp to your Singapore/Malaysia mobile number. Advance payment via bank transfer is required during order confirmation.

Products currently available are listed below. Click on each product for details.

Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo, Non-Foaming, 375ml

Organic Roselle Tea @$14.90

Organic Dried Bananas, 500g @$6.90

More information will be updated soon. Stay tuned!