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HERB SG stock the following specialty products in Singapore which are available for next-day delivery. Useful to people who need the products urgently.

Kinoko Gold AHCC (Original Formula) @$105.00:



Made from a food source – mushroom extracts, AHCC is a popular immune system modulator used in conjunction with medical treatment. AHCC may strengthen the body’s immune system, which is especially critical in preventing infections after an operation. It is very common for patients to suffer and die from side effects of cancer treatment rather than from the cancer itself, such as contracting pneumonia after chemotherapy/radiation. AHCC is extremely bio-digestible due to its light molecular weight of 5,000 daltons. It is a common complementary product used in major hospitals in Japan.


Plum Extract Travel Kit (20 pills) @$15.90 (FREE normal postage only, no courier delivery)


An extract of plums grown in a certified organic farm in Taiwan. Our Plum Extract is well-known in decades for the following benefits: Increases body vitality, strengthens the immune system, aids digestion, beautifies the skin and may promote longevity.

It is highly concentrated in 1:100 ratio, meaning 1g of extract is equivalent to the nutritional content of 100g of harvested plums. Currently it is also the only known source of plum extract containing the powerful ingredient Amygdalin (B17) as the whole plum seed is part of the extract. Plum seeds and apricot kernels are known to have high concentrations of Amygdalin.

Bring this along for overseas trips to ensure your stomach is in good condition due to possible climate and temperature change. The compact design can be inserted easily into a breast pocket of men’s shirt.

The many useful ingredients in our Plum Extract may help to maintain your blood pH level at around 7.35, which is the optimal pH level for a healthy body.

Women suffering from regular menstruation cramps have also reported they feel better during such periods.

Our Travel Kit lasts 10 days if consumed to instructions. It is also a good test sample before you proceed to get the regular bottle size of 80 pills.

Plum Extract is made from green plum, honey and Chinese yam powder. It has been certified by a third-party certification body to be free of more than 300 common ingredients found in western medicine, so it is all-natural and safe to consume daily!

Motherlove more milk plus (120 Capsules) @$70.00:



Bestselling breastfeeding supplement for mothers who wish to increase milk production. Made from 100% organic herbs. We offer the lowest retail price in Singapore. Click here for details.





Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Powder (16oz/454g) @$65.00:


A superfood that comes with complete blend of amino acids, important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Great source of B12 and bio-digestible protein for vegetarians! Retail brands in Singapore are selling their version of Spirulina in tablet form at around $99 for less than half the concentration of this famous brand.

Being a powder, it mixes well with your favourite protein shakes and smoothies!

Nutrex Hawaii has slightly more than 50% market share of Spirulina products in USA as in November 2015, according to latest financial report of its parent company, Cyanotech Inc., which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (CYAN). This is no surprise considering the high quality and fresh powder being offered to discerning consumers!


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