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A new year -2015, go get a healthier body!

Hi Friends & Supporters of Herb Singapore,

We wish you and your family an awesome and fabulous 2015!

After the celebrations have abated, it may be worthwhile to think how we can have healthier and stronger bodies for the new year and beyond!

A strong immune system will ward off virus attacks. It is also a GREAT idea to increase our intake of vegetable and green plants so as to supply our immune system with various antioxidants! The product below offers an abundance of organic plant nutrients which are easily absorbed by your body!

Perfect Food

Made from plant and fruit juices, not just from plant and fruits! Very dense in nutrient contents! Feed your body the RAW nutrients from over 34 organic greens, sprouts and veggies every day in the time it normally takes to plug in a juicer, all with no hassle or messy clean up. Order one or two bottles today!


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