Product Reviews

Zum Face Cleanser from Indigo Wild, USA

Hi Friend,

Ever thought of getting a natural facial cleanser with no funny chemical names in the ingredient list? You can try this, suitable for all skin types:…/62495…


It offers a smooth and pleasant sensation to the skin with its powerful Lemon and Geranium Pure Essential Oils! Our staff like this product very much! Just remember to close your eyes during application.

At less than SGD$30, we think it is really a very good buy! You don’t have to get something costing more than SGD$100 to enjoy a good cleansing!

Products with similar organic ingredients like this usually cost more than SGD$50 in retail stores in Singapore.

NOTE: Many products claim to contain some famous natural plant-based ingredients. But when you look at the ingredient list, you will find that the famous ingredient is found near the bottom part of the list, which means it is only present in small quantity. The majority of ingredients are actually some chemicals which are really very cheap and not of natural origin. Yet these so-called natural skincare products are sold at more than SGD$20 in famous retail stores in Singapore!


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