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Self-Collect Service using Discount Code NUZ170

Dear Customer,

Due to popular demand, we are launching a new service – Self-Collection of order at our office in City Hall during office hours. All orders have to be made at Please note you will have to use your credit card for online payment and there is 1% surcharge fee for using credit cards.

This is to facilitate collection of goods by customers who are not usually at home during normal office hours. Our office hours are Mon-Fri: 9am to 515pm (office is closed during lunchtime 1130am-1230pm), Sat: 9am to 1245pm. Close on Sunday and public holidays. Our office is located inside Peninsula Plaza, which is only a few minutes’ walk from City Hall MRT station, in the city area of Singapore.

How to qualify for this self-collect service:

  1. Register for this service at by providing your full name and contact number. We will send you a link with our Discount Code NUZ170 and our office address.
  2. Copy-and-paste the office address into the Shipping Address section during checkout.
  3. After order is placed, inform us the exact time you placed the order for our verification. This will allow us to log your order into our system.
  4. When your order has been processed by our office staff, we will inform you to collect.
  5. For repeat orders, you only need to do Step 3. and Step 4.

Self-Collection time is usually around 1 week after order is placed, if you choose SingPost as the Deliverer. There is no extra fee to be paid. You just pay whatever the prices you see on

Feel free to call us at 6389-3188 if you have any questions. Cheers.


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