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The search for tasty Spirulina may have ended here!

Dear Friend,

We have been looking high and low for Spirulina products which are pure in content and good in taste.

After having tried numerous Spirulina products, we have discovered that Nutrex Hawaii’s Spirulina Pacifica is the tastiest brand. Let us know if you have tasted something better!

This product is full of nutrition too! Its patented extraction technology ensures maximum nutrient levels are being harvested in an eco-friendly zone. Suitable for vegetarians.

Spirulina is packed with life-enhancing ingredients. It has been touted as one of the superfoods ever known to mankind in extending the quality and longevity of life.

Our Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina is a trusted source for vegetarians looking for Vitamin B12 to supplement their eating habits:

Available at less than SGD$60 for 454g as of today! Definitely much cheaper than what is available at health food stores in Singapore!


FREE shipping to Singapore for orders more than SGD$60!

IMPORTANT: Click on the SGD button in the scroll-down menu near the top left-hand corner of the website to display product prices in SGD, then click <Save Preferences> so that prices will always be in SGD in future.

NOTE: Both 1st-time and regular buyers who use credit card for online payment are eligible to use our discount code NUZ170 to save up to SGD$12 from total order amount.


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